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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Watch Satellite TV on PC - New Satellite TV Babe


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Watch satellite TV on PC is the new craze of late. Watching satellite TV channels or cable TV channels has always been a tough decision to make. After all, both have their own merits. Both also enjoy great support from TV viewers with entourages of fans at both camps. If you are caught in a dilemma, perhaps to watch satellite TV on PC opens a third option for you. Let us examine the various options to determine which is most suitable for you.

Satellite TV requires satellite dish installation, but cable TV does not. Though satellite dish are external fixtures on roofs and are hardly obtrusive, there are still folks who dislike them. Poor aesthetics and the troublesome installation are a few reasons quoted. Tenants also find it difficult to convince their landlords to permit satellite dishes on their rental homes. Some even have to fork out extra rental fees for the added fixture. In built-up areas such as urban or suburban estates, cable TV would be the choice. However, rural areas where cable infrastructure is not in place; satellite TV remains the best alternative. PC satellite TV allows you to watch satellite TV on PC wherever there is internet access. So far, it is the only mobile satellite TV system. With so many Wi-Fi hotspots spread across the country, to watch satellite TV on PC is easy and convenient.

When you watch satellite TV, you probably have to contend with storms, typhoons, strong winds, poor terrain and the like which could block off the satellite TV signals and distort your TV images. But not everyone is affected as it really depends on which part of the country you are residing. Cable tends to be more reliable in this aspect. So is using PC satellite TV software to watch satellite TV on PC.

With cable TV, you get to watch local channels since your cable TV service provider may have tied up with the local TV stations. TV viewers often argue that the trouble with using satellite is that they cannot get to watch the local programs without paying extra dollars for the subscription. Some local TV channels are also inaccessible. Even when their satellite TV system is enabled, the constant switching between satellite TV connection and their TV antenna can be an annoyance.

To be fair, satellite TV system offers a much wider spectrum of TV programs. TV channels via free-to-air broadcastings can be picked up by satellite TV systems. This means that you could be receiving satellite TV channels from TV stations both in other corners of your country and worldwide. Satellite TV viewers get to watch satellite TV channels such as sports and games events, live talk shows, national and international news, entertainment shows, cartoons, kids educational programs, TV series, movies, music videos and more. Using your personal computer, you can also watch satellite TV on PC the same way as you would with the TV and satellite dish system at home.

Cost is an issue which consumers are sensitive to. Satellite TV services tend to do better in this aspect than cable TV services. When you compare the programs, the goodies bundled with your TV package and the equipment cost and installation, satellite TV monthly subscription packages are more affordable. Cable TV technology requires heavy investments in their infrastructural development and maintenance, unlike satellite TV which is pretty asset light. This frees satellite TV service providers to price their packages more competitively. Since you only need a PC satellite TV software and internet connection to watch satellite TV on PC, the real cost is only your satellite TV software which is much cheaper than satellite TV and cable TV services. After all, you are already paying for your internet connection with or without the TV.

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